Birth Control

You deserve access to contraception

With 25+ brands (generic included), our medical team will help you find the right option for you, whether it’s your first prescription or not.

*A prescription will only be written if deemed appropriate after digital consult with a licensed medical provider. Final pricing dependent on prescribed medication and any additional health benefits.

Generics are made for the same use as brand-name medication, with the same active ingredient and the same quality, dosage, and strength. Any difference is usually superficial, in colouring or flavouring.

Generics are cheaper than brand-name because brand-name medications are the first to create their particular medicinal mix. Hence they get to put their name on it. However, part of being first means you gotta run a bunch of tests and trials before it can go to market — which are expensive, and increase the product cost.

For accessibility and healthy competition reasons, generics are allowed to skip that work, take the final results of all those tests — the same product the brand sells — and sell it for much cheaper. That way, consumers aren’t stuck in a market with only a few, crazy-pricey options.

Most people who take the pill don’t experience side effects, and those that do usually see them go away in two to three months. The most common are spotting or bleeding between periods, sore breasts, nausea, or headaches. If you experience this and it doesn’t disappear after two to three months, reach out to our medical team through your account chat function.

If you have a drug plan that covers prescription drugs , your out-of-pocket fees may decrease significantly. Many Health Spending Accounts can also cover costs for birth control. You will be provided with a receipt to use for your claims.

For questions about using your insurance to pay, please mention that you have insurance when the pharmacy calls you – a refund will be provided for the portion that covered by your plan if applicable.

You can also find out what your plans covers by contacting your insurer or emailing our pharmacy.

When used correctly, birth control is

effective and is one of the most affordable options for contraception. Side effects are very rare, and usually stop if you stop treatment. Keep in mind that consistent use is required for maximum efficacy.

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