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* A prescription will only be written if deemed appropriate after digital consultation with a licensed medical provider.

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Get online prescription +
Transparent pricing
Canada-wide coverage

Your questions, answered

We know that everyone presents with rosacea differently – some experience redness, others have issues with acne-like breakouts, stinging or burning sensations, or visible blood vessels. Our treatments target symptoms like these.

Our standard and custom treatments are prescription, which means that they have medicated ingredients making them stronger and more effective than over-the-counter products. Custom treatments use specially compounded formulations: prescription treatments that are completely tailored to you, their ingredients determined by your skin’s needs.

We’re here to help! We will recommend the exact products that are best suited for your skin type, based on the ingredients of our products and the symptoms of rosacea that you’re concerned about. After completing our eligibility quiz and consultation, our experts will recommend our products based on your results. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

We take extra caution, and only provide scientifically backed ingredients known to treat rosacea symptoms.

If you have a drug plan that covers prescription drugs, your out-of-pocket fees may decrease significantly. Many Health Spending accounts can also cover costs for medication, and we make sure to provide you with a receipt to use for your claims.

When the pharmacy calls you about your treatment simply tell them that you have insurance, and a refund will be provided for what’s covered. Claiming your coverage for compound treatments works slightly differently; see our compound acne page for more info.

You can also find out what your plan covers by contacting your insurer, or emailing our pharmacy at

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