Jill Health is a Canadian health technology company that is here to make prescription-based healthcare simple, more comfortable, and safer for women across Canada. Our network of doctors and pharmacies are comprised  entirely of Canadian-Certified healthcare providers. From prescription to pharmacy, you are in well-trained hands. Our team is ready to help you with discretion, convenience, and exceptional service.

Explore our solutions, pick out which treatment works best for you, from there you might need to fill out a medical consultation for our medical team to review or transfer your prescription. After that your treatment is shipped directly to your door – no lines, no fuss.

Jill Health is only available in the following provinces: Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador

At this time we can only assist people who are over the age of 16 for birth control and 18+ for all other treatments.

Yes! We are fully PHIPPA compliant and use the best-in-class technology to ensure your information is protected, kept safe, and only used for medical consultations.

Jill Health is powered by our team of thoughtful, caring, and best-in-class medical professionals. We currently work with a mix of Canadian doctors practicing across the country and nurse practitioners. For more information, see our medical page.

All Jill Health orders are dispensed from our growing network of licensed Canadian pharmacies or the pharmacy of your choice.

Jill Pharmacy HQ:

65 Montpelier Street, Brampton, ON, Canada

Phone:  888 655 7536
Email: Pharmacy@Jill.Health



With the exception of hair loss solutions, yes, all treatments offered at Jill Health require a prescription from a Canadian licensed physician or nurse practitioner.

The medications we offer are pharmaceuticals and therefore require a medical professional to review your health background, discuss side-effects in the process of identifying the best treatment plan for you.

Yes, you can order any product you think is suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Once you checkout, you will be prompted to book your free virtual visit with a doctor, to ensure your selection is a fit based on your medical history. When the doctor approves your order, your prescription will be shipped.

We take your safety very seriously, so if the doctor does not feel you are a candidate for a medical treatment your order will be refunded.

Of course! You can send your request by email or via chat, and one of our pharmacists will be happy to transfer your prescription. 

All Jill Health orders are dispensed from our growing network of licensed Canadian pharmacies or the pharmacy of your choice.

If you need to get in touch with our care team, it’s as easy a text, phone call, or email.

Medical Team

Dr. Sajjad Zalzala, MD CPSO #99319

Valerie Pavlova, NP CNO #13564396

Contact by Phone/Text:  888 655 7536 or by email @

1400 Provincial Road, Windsor ON, Canada

Pricing & Insurance

All our medical consultations are free of charge. Each consultation is designed for specific treatments, and reviewed by a member of our medical team. if you’d like to speak directly with a doctor, we’d recommend Cover Health.

If you have a drug plan that covers prescription drugs , your out-of-pocket fees may decrease significantly. Many Health Spending Accounts can also cover costs for medication. You will be provided with a receipt to use for your claims.

For questions about using your insurance to pay, please mention that you have insurance when the pharmacy calls you – a refund will be provided for the portion that covered by your plan if applicable.

You can also find out what your plans covers by contacting your insurer or emailing our pharmacy.

Your payment method is required to secure your consultation (if required). Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until one of following occurs:

  1. A confirmation of prescription* and order delivery
  2. Verified insurance coverage**
  3. You place order and checkout non-prescription product

*Prescription products require medical consultation and you will only be charged if a medical professional confirms eligibility.
**Non-prescription products like Minoxidil or cosmetic products like Latisse may have different insurance coverage. See our FAQ for more information.

Have more questions?

We’re ready to clarify anything for you. Email us anytime. hello@jill.health