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We’re committed to making healthcare more accessible and inclusive for Canadian women. Sharing your experiences, perspectives, opinions and ideas means we can truly build Jill Health for people like you.

The goals of the Jill Squad are to:

Make sure what we’re making is going to help with real healthcare challenges
Give you access – before anyone else – to new products so you can share your thoughts
Chat about what future things you’d like to see us make
Give you a sneak peek on goodies we’re thinking about creating

Anytime we have something we want your opinion on, we’ll shoot you an email with all the deets. Usually, it’ll include looking over some website mock-ups, booking a quick chat to brainstorm, or sending a link to do a survey. Easy peasy!

As thanks, you get free goodies, exclusive products before they’re available to anyone else, and VIP access to content like webinars with experts.

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With your input, we can help Canadian women get the healthcare you deserve.

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