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It’s a journey: the more time you invest in nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being, the better your odds of reaching your health goals. And the science backs it up.

Book time with our wellness team to get personalized advice on eating right, staying active, and keeping your head in the game. And the great news is – often your private insurance will fully cover the cost.

Fuelling Your Body with the Registered Dietitian Team

$120 per 50 minute session

$60 per 25 minute session

Bianca, RD
Available to patients in ON, AB, the
Territories, Nunavut, NB, NL, SK, and BC.

Jill, RD
Available to ON, MB and SK patients.

Alana, RD
Available to AB patients.

Radhika, Registered Psychotherapist
Available to all patients except AB and ON.

Jessica, Social Worker
Available to ON patients.

Strengthen Your Mind with the Mental Health Team

$120 per 55 minute session

Move Your Body with the Registered Kinesiologist Team

$120 per 50 minute session

$60 per 25 minute session

Dillan, RKin

Karma, RKin
Available to Ontario patients.

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