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Pain & discomfort? Girl bye.

Say Bye-Bye to UTIs

51%1 of Canadian women will get a UTI in their life. That’s 51% too many. So, we created a proactive solution to stop UTIs before they even start.

And if you get that burning feeling, use a UTI test strip and pop the pain meds to manage the hurt until you can see a doctor.


Each year


women visit their doctor to treat a UTI2


of women get recurring UTIs

(that’s one every three months)3

URinary tract health
Prep to tackle UTIs ASAP

Keep the Bye-bye-UTI pack in your bathroom. Then, at the first sign of a UTI (burning, cramps, scary-looking pee), you can start treatment.

Each kit comes with:

Don’t have a Doctor?
We have you Covered.

Pee test positive? We’ll get you help.

Partnering withmeans that when you purchase the Bye-Bye-UTI kit, you’ll also get virtual access to a medical team to get treatment for your UTI. We’ll include a QR code you can scan and quickly book a free appointment. Super simple.

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As easy as peeing!

Using Your Kit

Step 1: Start taking your daily cranberry supplement when your kit arrives.

Step 2: Pain? Pee on the urine test – you’ll get your result in 2 minutes.

Step 3: If it’s positive, take your pain relief medication as needed and book an appointment with your medical team.

Step 4: Need a doctor? Book a consultation with the Cover Health medical team.

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Everyone! We know everyone can experience UTIs. This treatment is for individuals who’ve experienced UTIs and know what symptoms to expect so you can proactively tackle future symptoms. So long as you aren’t pregnant or chestfeeding/breastfeeding, you’re good to buy this kit!

Here are the most common symptoms (you may have a few of these):
1) Feeling like you constantly need to urinate, but the feeling doesn’t subside even after urination.
2) A burning sensation when you urinate, or trouble/associated pain.
3) Increased frequency of urination: although you’re using the bathroom a lot, the “emptiness” feeling you usually experience after doesn’t happen, and you may be only passing a little urine.
4) Blood in your urine (found in pink, red, brown, or dark red colour of urine).
5) Your urine may have a foul scent or is cloudy.
6) Pain in the lower abdomen/pelvic region in women (pain will differ/be more targeted depending on whether the bladder, urethra, or kidneys are infected).
7) Itchiness in your vaginal area.
8) Cramps in your lower abdomen.
9) Red flag symptoms (if experienced, consult medical professional immediately): fever, vomiting, vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, painful sex (you shouldn’t have any of these).

If you have any symptoms, use the test strips to confirm if you have an infection. If so, you’ll need to get to your doctor soon so they can prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. There are lots of myths when it comes to UTIs – have a look through the ones we’ve debunked.


For the majority of UTI cases, bacteria that are pushed into the urinary tract will cause an infection. Escherichia (E.coli) bacteria that is present in the intestinal tract can move from the rectum to the vagina and enters the urethra and bladder. This can result in a bladder or kidney infection and is known as cystitis.

You may have heard that sexual activity causes UTIs and it’s true, but not every UTI is caused by sex. If you pee before and after sex, it can prevent the bacteria from getting into places they aren’t supposed to be by flushing out of your urinary tract.

If you are dealing with recurrent UTIs, it does not mean you have poor hygiene practices. Read our recommendations on how to prevent future UTIs here.

People of all ages (even babies and kids) can be affected by UTIs, whether they are sexually active or not. The important factor to prevent recurring UTIs is to make sure they get treated ASAP.

UTI frequency varies with age: sexually active women and women who use spermicides (which affect the good bacteria in the bladder) have an increased likelihood of bacteria like E. coli entering their bladder, which can result in an infection or inflammation.

Women who are either going through or have completed menopause: women in their late 40s and on have decreasing amounts of good bacteria in their vagina, and sometimes have weaker pelvic floors. This means the bladder flushes out less, which increases the likelihood of E. coli being present and infecting the bladder.

Unfortunately, most of us (approximately 50-60% 4 of women) will experience a UTI at some point, but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer through them and deal with them so frequently. UTIs are among the most common and frequent bacterial infections (almost 25% 4 of infections are UTIs) which is why we created the Bye-Bye-UTI pack.

It’s important to get the facts about how to prevent and treat UTIs. A few of our top tips:

  • Take a daily cranberry supplement (like the one included in the Bye-Bye-UTI pack) to help prevent the bad bacteria from sticking to the lining of your urethra
  • Drink plenty of water: more pee means more chances to push out bad bacteria
  • Pee before and after sex (this includes masturbation and using sex toys)
  • Always wipe front to back – when showering or bathing, use warm soapy water to wash your external genitals (vulva, perineum, rectum) to reduce the bacteria hanging out there.
  • Don’t use douches or wash the vagina itself – using soap can totally throw off the pH, causing even more problems.

    If you generally get multiple UTIs a year (three or more) your medical team might prescribe a daily antibiotic for you to take, or one to be taken right after sex. If this is you, book some time with Cover Health to chat through your options.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1) Use the test strip under your urine (midstream) for two seconds.
2) Once you’re done, wait for two minutes for your result to show up.
3) Check your result using the included chart to see what it means.

Your test strip came back positive, which indicates that you could have an infection. It’s time to book a consultation with someone from our Cover Health medical team. Head over there now!

We know how much UTIs can suck and be incredibly painful, we’ve been there. That’s why we’ve carefully selected pain relief meds that are more effective and actually work at alleviating your symptoms. They can be hard to find in Canada, so we get them specially compounded for the Bye-bye-UTI kit.

Depending on the antibiotics your medical professional has prescribed for you, the course of antibiotics will vary. The general course for antibiotics can be from 3 – 14 days, which means you need to follow your doctor’s guidance exactly as prescribed. Finish the full course of your antibiotic treatment even if you’re starting to feel better early.

If your UTI comes back, it could mean a few things. Mainly, your original UTI was unlikely treated properly, and you’ll need to follow up with a medical professional from our team to figure out if you need a course of antibiotics.

While a UTI isn’t a sexually transmitted disease (STD), having sexual intercourse while having a UTI is not recommended. The urinal system is inflamed and infected, and having sex can exacerbate the infection and cause more unwanted bacteria to spread. Things can be painful and uncomfortable for those with a UTI, and sex can actually worsen your symptoms.

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