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When you’re in that moment of excruciating pain, it’s hard to see any relief in sight. Jill provides options for migraine relief right when you need it, so you can return to a happier self.

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Whether they’re accompanied by nausea, an upset stomach, sensitivity to light and sound (or all three), migraines can be debilitating and beyond frustrating. Luckily, Jill offers 4 prescription meds for your specific needs.

4 brands of pills to alleviate your symptoms

Migraine Treatment

*A prescription will only be written if deemed appropriate after digital consult with a licensed medical provider. Final pricing dependant on prescribed medication and any additional health benefits.

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Pain-free brands

Clinically proven formulas to treat varying degrees of migraine symptoms. Jill accepts all major insurance plans, with Health Canada approved brands and formulations.

Rizatriptan, also known as Maxalt or Maxalt RPD, reduces substances in the body that may trigger headache pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light. The medication comes as a tablet or a quick dissolving film.

Sumitriptan, also known as Imitrex and Imitrex DF, is a medication used to relieve migraine pain and other symptoms. The medication comes as a tablet and a nasal spray.

Almotriptan, also known as Axert, is a medication used to relieve pain from migraine symptoms. The medication comes as a tablet.

Zolmitritan, also known as Zomig, is a medication used to treat migraine headaches. The medication comes as a tablet, a rapidly dissolving tablet, and a nasal spray.

Frequently asked questions about Migraines

Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sensitivity to sound and light, and throbbing/pulsing head pain. Pain most commonly affects one side of the head, but may shift or occur on both.

There are two major categories of migraines, migraine with aura (classical migraines) and migraines without aura (common migraines). An aura are symptoms that precede or accompany a headache including flashes of light or “strobing”, scintillations, or partial loss of vision.

Although the causes of a Migraine is not yet completely understood, the most common triggers are certain foods like alcohol, caffeine withdrawal, strong smells or scents, at the onset of menstruation for women, from fatigue or excess sleep, genetic factors, and family history, and are associated with depression, anxiety and sleep apnea.

Migraines tend to last around 4 hours, but can last up to a week if left untreated.

The most common and successful treatment of migraines is with a class of medications called 5HT1 (serotonin) receptor agonists or “triptans”. Jill offers four clinically proven treatment options that belong to this family. Triptans are used for acute treatment of migraines and reduces the release of inflammatory neurotransmitters in the brain, as well as causing vasoconstriction (decreases the size) of blood vessels in the brain.

If you have a drug plan that covers prescription drugs , your out-of-pocket fees may decrease significantly. Many Health Spending Accounts can also cover costs for medication. You will be provided with a receipt to use for your claims.

For questions about using your insurance to pay, please mention that you have insurance when the pharmacy calls you – a refund will be provided for the portion that covered by your plan if applicable.
You can also find out what your plans covers by contacting your insurer or emailing our pharmacy.

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