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Epinephrine autoinjector
Epinephrine autoinjectors are used as an emergency response to a severe allergic reaction. In patients who are determined to be at increased risk for anaphylaxis, including individuals with a history of anaphylactic reactions.
Medical ingredients:


Non-medical ingredients:

Hydrochloric acid sodium chloride sodium metabisulfite water for injection

Directions for use:

See below FAQ section


We offer two dosages
Dosage is based on who needs it
Adult Dose

Larger dosage is intended for adults and children who weigh more than 30 kg (66 lbs)

Child Dose

Smaller dosage is designed for children who weigh between 15 and 30 kg (33 and 66 lbs)

For children below 33 lbs, 911 should be called in the case of a serious allergic reaction.

Our medical team recommends buying a pen for home, for work or school, as well as one to keep on the patient at all times (in backpack, fanny pack or purse).
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Have anaphylaxis? Get an Epinephrine Auto Injector.
Epinephrine auto injectors (common forms are EpiPens® or Allerject®) are life-saving medications used for emergency treatment of severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). The medication is administered through an auto-injector that contains a pre-measured dose of epinephrine, a hormone that helps to reverse the symptoms of anaphylaxis.
Anaphylaxis can be triggered by certain foods or insect stings, and can be life-threatening. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed as having a severe allergic reaction, having easy access to an auto injector is important.

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Not all allergies require an epinephrine auto injector. Most common and mild allergies can be solved with over the counter or prescription allergy medication: check out those products here. Severe allergic reactions may require an auto injector in the event a person comes into contact with them.

No you do not need a prescription for an epinephrine auto injector, but it can make it easier to submit to your drug insurance for coverage of the costs.

Typically they expire in 1.5-2 years. Regularly check the box and pen itself for the expiry date.

Using an epinephrine auto injector should be reserved for life threatening allergic reactions. A life threatening allergic reaction may have symptoms like: tightening and closing of the throat, swelling of the mouth lips or tongue, difficulty breathing wheezing or coughing, heart palpitations, and swelling itchy or red skin.

Using it as directed right after exposure to a known allergen can be life-saving. Use the epinephrine auto injector at the first sign of a severe allergic response: swelling of the mouth or lips, tightening or closing of the throat, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, swelling itchy or red skin. Severe allergic reactions can happen without warning signs.

Epinephrine auto injector is injected through a simple 2-step process.
Blue to the sky.

  • Grasp with orange tip pointing downward
  • Remove blue safety cap by pulling straight up—do not bend or twist


Orange to the thigh.

  • Place the orange tip against the middle of the outer thigh. If necessary, you can inject EpiPen through clothing.
  • Swing and push the auto-injector firmly into the thigh until it “clicks”
  • Hold firmly in place for three seconds—count slowly, “1, 2, 3”


The manufacturer of EpiPen has created a few helpful videos which you can watch here – https://www.epipen.ca/epipen-video-gallery

If you use the Allerject product, once opened out of the case, the product will instruct you on how to inject the medication. The manufacturer has a webpage explaining how it works. https://www.allerject.ca/how-allerject-works.html

Call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately – the pen is meant to provide the patient with time to get to medical care. The effects can wear off, and some patients may have a second reaction. Using an epinephrine auto injector doesn’t replace seeing a medical professional.

  • Keep your epinephrine auto injector with the blue safety cap on until you need to use it. This cap helps prevent accidental injection.
  • Don’t drop it.
  • Don’t keep folded paper instructions or any other objects in the carrier tube. They may prevent you from retrieving your solution quickly in a severe allergic emergency.
  • Don’t subject the epinephrine auto injector to extreme hot or cold weather, direct sunlight and don’t refrigerate or freeze
  • Check the liquid through the viewing window to make sure it’s clear. If it isn’t, dispose of it appropriately.


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Kathy K.
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Lori M.
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“I began my journey with Jill Health for weight loss in February 2023, everything was seamless, to providing all the appropriate paperwork they needed, to receiving the bloodwork req, to the bloodwork review and next steps.” The medication I've been prescribed has to be pre approved by my insurance and the paperwork was completed and sent off to them timely. My first prescription arrives today and I'm very excited to begin the journey. Appointment has been scheduled with their dietician and looking forward to learning new ways of eating to ensure my long term health. Thank you Jill Health....day one starts today!!!” Read More
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Joan B.
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“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Jill Health. The team is excellent and we worked on a plan that suited my life. The dietician and Nurse Practitioner answered all my questions. I have received follow up emails to see how things were going.Excellent services.”
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Allie F.
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“I was a bit wary at first at ordering Latisse online, but the ordering process using Jill Health was very easy and straight-forward. I received the product within two weeks and had great customer service over email when asking questions.”
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Rosanna M.
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Aly L.
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Sarah G.
Sarah G.
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