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Your personalized GLP-1 Medication program starts at $360 a month and includes:
Expert Coaching & Content
📆 Monthly 30 min consults with our wellness team
👩🏻‍💻 Virtual, convenient appointments
🩺 Group sessions with our team of wellness providers
Prescription Medication
🇨🇦 Authorized for sale by Health Canada
📦 Shipped for free to your door
☑️ We check your insurance coverage
What’s includedEssentials Plan
$89 to get started $59/mo for
ongoing care
Wellness 360 Plan
$59 per month + $89 visit fee
Competitive medication from $300
“Whole Body Test” included
Insurance coverage concierge
Covers initial + recurring consultation with a practitioner
15+ live sessions run by our medical team
Unlimited access to designated practitioners
Dietitian guidance for a fee
24/7 access to medical chat
Free shipping
NewDiscounts on weight loss
vitamins and supplements
NewFree XXXX
and much more coming your way
Discount programs available for some medications. Authorized medication for sale by Health Canada. 
Discount programs available for some medications. Authorized medication for sale by Health Canada. 
Book Time With Our Wellness Team
And fast track your weight loss goals
360° medical team support for $60 monthly
Expert Coaching & Content
Medications starts at $300 per month
Prescription Medication
Discount programs available* for some medications


Tell us about your health history and goals with our medical team.

Within one week:

Complete your blood work and we'll review the results with you to determine if our program is a good fit for you.

Takes about 2-3 weeks:

Your customized plan with prescription medications is created and you’ll be onboarded.

Once your on:

Regular check-ins with the team helps keep your journey on track. Weekly emails, monthly 1:1s and guided learning to fuel your body and increase your movement.


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